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Auto Repair & Service

You chose your car with care, so choose a service facility that cares, the difference will amaze you. We’ve heard many a tale of woe when taking in refugees from the so called competition who come to “RAGS” to escape the heart ache of their automotive nightmares. So they may once again “Enjoy their Ride”

RAGS German Auto to provide excellence we exclusively specialize in the following marks:


  •  BMW

Our flexible, comprehensive service programs are designed to keep your car running like it should. Reliable auto service is what we offer to set us apart as the trusted name in German cars, By becoming the bench mark in accurate vehicle assessment and quality of service, we fulfill our goal to maintain your pride of ownership

From simple maintenance to complex diagnosis and major repairs, our experience and skill are at your disposal. From entry level vehicles to the exotic super cars for auto service and repair you may place your trust “RAGS” the highest value in German car service.

Call today for a no obligation consultation. Extended warranties and Insurance repairs are a specialty.

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